Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ray + Monica [Arroyo Grande, CA]

It was the most perfectest of days at The Cypress Ridge Pavilion last weekend, and has made a lasting impression in my memory and life. 
Not only did Ray's expression when he first caught sight of Monica walking down the aisle make top 3 in my personal collection of moments... but I have a brand new tragic memory/circumstance to add to the record: On our golf cart drive down the road, Monica's dress caught in the tire.... and tore a painful foot long rip down her train. 1st - panic. 2nd - the McGyver mindset kicked in. 3rd - Emily (my assistant) takes off on a mission for safety pins. 4th - dress is as good as new... with some pretty metal accents :) In such a moment, you can only imagine the terror that was wrecking Monica's heart and mind... but she was a trooper, brushed it off, looked at Ray, and from the expressions shared between them, you wouldn't never know it had happened.

Enjoy :)

Check out their video trailer put together by their videographer, Jack Hutchinson:

Espinoza Sneak Preview from Jack Hutchinson on Vimeo.

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