Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Barnes Family

I got the pleasure of making a trip to Ohio over St. Patrick's day. 
The first thing I hear when I tell people that is "What on earth is in Ohio?"
Well let me tell you. 

Josiah and I have dear friends in Ohio, Ryan and Martha You might remember seeing their wedding photos back in November of 2009. Anyways, this lovely lady is Martha's sister, Margret. And the other happy faces in these photos are her husband, Dan, and their adorable munchkin, Lila. When Margret heard that we were headed back that way for a visit, she was quick to book a family portrait session :)

So we got to spend an overcast afternoon roaming through the Chardon square - playing on playgrounds and exploring back alleys. Even though Lila wasn't exactly the cheeseball-child I'm used to shooting, we managed to squeeze a few smiles out of her. 


 Lila is in love with Martha's dog, Oscar... so he got to guest star in a few photos :)
It started to rain at the very end of our session...
... so dancing in the rain was definitely in order.

Lila expressed her love for the word "No" for the majority of the session... which ended in quite a number of photos looking like this one. I'm sure she'll be so grateful when she's older :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Wedding Special

I don't know why... but apparently May isn't a popular month to get married this year?
So I've decided to sweeten up this coming Spring with a wedding special!

If you are planning to get married any time in May (or perhaps a weekend I am still available in April), book your wedding day now for this Spring Wedding Special! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chase + Kelsey

Ok. I NEVER post this many pictures of one lovebird session. 
But I just could NOT narrow it down any more. 
So you just have to DEAL. 

Anyways... meet Chase and Kelsey. 
Kelsey is my cousin. Chase is her husband. They will be celebrating 3 years of blissful marriage this June (3 weeks before Josiah and I will be celebrating the same milestone!). People ask me if I have siblings, and I tell them about my delightful little brothers... any sisters? no. but YES. Kelsey is the closest thing I have to a sister, maybe even closer than closest. I love her to the moon and back, and am blessed to have her in my life. Oh yeah, and Chase is pretty darn awesome, too. 

Kelsey's birthday was yesterday (March 8th), so last weekend the four of us went up to the city and celebrated with photographs, thai food, and Cold Stone ice cream. It was the loveliest of weekends with two souls I love beyond words. 

Happy birthday, my darling Kelsey. 
Enjoy :)

Kelsey took this picture of Josiah and me. 
Someday, my kids are going to ask me "Mommy, did you and daddy ever NOT goof off in pictures?"
And I will answer, "No, sweetheart. No we did not."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gabriel + Sasha

2 parts love + 1 part fresh air + 1 part voiceless photographer = awesomenessexplosion.