Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kyle + Emily (& baby Malice)

There are few things in this world more beautiful than the aura surrounding two people in love who are about to bring a child into the world. Their child. Their first child. 
AHH! It's so amazing, I can hardly stand it!!!

Allow me to introduce you to Kyle and Emily... and baby Malice :)
You may be thinking "What kind of parents would name their child 'Malice'?!?!?".... and I'll tell you: parents who have chosen to be surprised by the gender! It could be Max. It could be Alice. So for now.... it's Malice.

Enjoy :)


Jennifer Dunn said...

Great pics! I especially like the B&W ones! can't wait to meet baby Malice!

hisd said...

aawwwww!!!!! so nice! love the b&w. The first in the field of daisies is very cool. I can't wait to meet m or a. got to get away from Malice.

grandma Heidi

Carolyn said...

I love them all - especially the cool black and white ones! Really, Baby Malice? Is that your way of telling me it won't be Baby Care or Carl Lynn? xoxox

Aunt Linda said...

Emily - you are glowing! I love them all, especially the black and whites. Keep us posted.

Vali said...

OMG you guys are a dream!!I've never seen such beautiful pics and it's because of you THREE!! Emily I must say you never looked more beautiful and such a woman. My little Em is going to be a mom. Tears in my eyes. Love you both and the little one soon to bless us.

Auntie Vali

Janice and Chris said...

The pictures are fantastic, I've never seen you look more beautiful. These pictures really show the happiness you are sharing together and it won't be long before you will be holding your precious child.
Love you guys, Janice and Chris

Mima said...

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leave your opinion. thanks

Kristy said...

Love them!! They are so beautiful- you two look great:) XOXO- Kristy

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures! We are sending a whole lot of love to you from Chicago!