Monday, August 1, 2011

Matt + Kiersten

I am so stoked beyond words about these photos right now. 
There are few better combinations in this world than a cute, goofy couple in love in beautiful light. 
Matt and Kiersten are one of the most adorable, goofiest couples I've had the honor of shooting. They light up when they look at each other, and most often times also burst out laughing (so you can imagine the amount of laughter that occurred during our session). A little taste of their personalities can be taken from this next photo: their classic "Blowfish Kiss". 

One of my favorite moments from their session was towards the end, when Kiersten looked at me and said "This makes it feel real! Even more than getting my dress!" 
I love that they were able to really leave the world behind and just focus on each other for those couple hours. Every single captured photo from that day screams how head over heels they are for each other, so I'm glad that the fact they are getting married became a little more alive to them :)


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