Monday, May 30, 2011

Matt + Kathrin [Paso Robles, CA]

They say that rain on your wedding day means good luck. I don't know if that's true or not... but I DO know that Matt and Kathrin are total troopers, and completely head over heels for each other. 
Despite gale force winds, what felt like subzero temperatures (for Paso Robles in May, anyways), and rain that started falling right as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife -- Matt and Kathrin had a most beautiful and precious wedding day. 

Check out their engagement photos HERE.


... it is a German wedding tradition for the bride and groom, as their first act as a married couple, to saw through a log together. The rain added some extra fun to that memory :)

 .... and yes. they most definitely busted out some serious Chicken Dance-ness.

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Carol Cardinale said...

Beautiful shots! Lovely venue!You captured it well!
Hair and make up by
Would love a few!