Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aaron + Lorraine

How CUTE are these two...!?!?
Let me tell you a bit about my day with Aaron and Loraine...

I got the chance to work with a stylist on my shoot for the first time. And let me just say, I wish every couple had the desire (and funds) to hire Jamie (the stylist I work with. check out her fun facebook page!). She did the hair and makeup that Lorraine rocked so beautifully, as well as helped with outfits and props. 
We started the session roaming the campus at Cal Poly (where Aaron and Lorraine first met). Then we headed over to Avila Beach (where Aaron popped the question). 
Whenever possible, I like to shoot at locations that mean something to my couples. So this session definitely went above and beyond the call. I had so much fun reliving memories with these two, and hearing their story. I am most definitely super PSYCHED for their wedding in August :) 


The Average Bride said...

YAYYY! I LOVEEEEE every picture. I'm so happy!! The balloons were definitely a plus!

Cathi said...

High WOW factor for this couple, moments, expressions, life,.... caught on camera!!!

titti said...

such beautiful art by all of you.

I love the connection you have captured between Aaron and Loraine.
And Jamie has done such a great work on Loraine's hair. So much love.