Monday, May 2, 2011

Garrett + Lauryn

I cannot even begin to express how fun and adorable Garrett and Lauryn are together. 
I hadn't met Garrett before our session, because he is stationed in Texas with the US Army... but it didn't take long to realize that we would get along juuuuust fine :)
Lauryn, on the other hand, I get to see all the time... because we get to rid ourselves of all negative vibes together in our kickboxing class. She is one gorgeous badass, and I wouldn't mess with her. Ever.

I strive to be inspired by every single one of my "clients". It goes without saying that their love is DEFINITELY something to be inspired by. I feel honored to have been around it and to have captured it on film.

Enjoy :)

 Garrett and Lauryn wrote each other love letters before the session... you should have seen their faces as they began to read to each other :) This is merely a glimpse:


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Alicia Swedenborg said...

love that first photo - magic!!

erinquaresma said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Rhiannon said...

aw, my beautiful friends! Amazing!