Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brandt/Jaurena Family

Meet Jill, Eric, and Stefanie. 
They are one of the sweetest family trios you will ever come across. 

One of my first memories of Jill was meeting her at a mutual friend's bridal shower. I walked in the door, and my mom (standing talking with Jill) says "Oh! We were just talking about you! This is Jill, and she is your stalker!" After a good laugh, I come to find out that we have many mutual friends, and she has been following my blog for some time :)

Then there are her two sweetheart children, Eric and Stefanie. Stefanie has grown up with a global development delay as well as cerebral palsy, and she has one beautiful soul. Eric was home from Minnesota for the holidays, and that man has more love for these two women than could ever be put into words. 

Overall, it's always fun for me to photograph something different. The family dynamic is rather different from the lovebird dynamic I am so incredibly used to. However, people are people - not one of them the same.... and THAT is why I love my job so much. Duh.


Anonymous said...

L-O-V-E these photos...and of course Sarah Kathleen beyond words and description! Your efforts have blessed us with a fabulous capture of the love and joy we share for each other! Thank you! Jill, Stefanie and Eric

Cathi Fagaan said...

SWEEEET family caught on camera....oh my OMGoshness, Jill you must be so happy. .........good stuff. Everyone looks so pretty, so handsome, so happy....i love Stephanie's haircut!

Jacob Lacey said...

These are awesome!