Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jeremy + Summer [Atascadero, CA]

This is one of those weddings that you look forward to from the moment you know it's going to happen. Summer and I worked together for 3 years at a homey pizza joint called "Players", where we were both part of a wonderful (and maybe a little dysfunctional at times) family. I heard all about Jeremy all the time, so the day she came into work with something big and sparkly on her finger -- we were all SO stoked for her and Jeremy. There's something so wonderful about seeing two people who were destined to be together from the beginning of time join hands and hearts for the rest of their lives. Yes, yes indeed.

You can view their engagement photos by clicking HERE :)

And last but not least, an absolutely beautiful moment capture by my lovely assistant, Emily Pruitt :)


Emily Pruitt said...

Yay!! They're beautiful m'dear. And that last one's not too bad either. :)

Nancy Kimmell said...

Summer - can't wait to see all of them. These are beautiful and they did make me smile!!
Nancy K.;)

Chrissy Blackburn said...

Summer and Jeremy you guys looks amazing! I wish you happiness and love!