Friday, June 25, 2010

Joel + Alicia [Paso Robles, CA]

Joel + Alicia know how to party.... with glow sticks. Nuff said.

Click HERE to see their engagement photos :)


Anonymous said...

saw some of your wedding photos of my distant relative somewehre in Sta. Barbara, NOT good. I wonder how much you charge. Need to practice more

.Sarah . Kathleen. said...

I'm sorry you feel that way. However, all of my brides would beg to differ. But thanks anyways.

P.S. Claire and Peter (the only wedding I have ever done anywhere near Santa Barbara) just so happened to LOVE their pictures. So you obviously aren't too close to them.

Jenna said...

You must like boring pictures if you don't love Sarah's. Sarah knows how many supporters she has! And if her pictures weren't good, then why would people after people keep coming back for business??

YOUR AMAZING SARAH, i love you :)

Skari said...

I feel like the only people who should care if they like your pictures are the people buying them or the people in them. If you don't like the style then pick a different photographer, easy as that.. No need to be rude.