Monday, October 17, 2011

Adrian + Nicole

Say hello to Adrian and Nicole's upcoming Christmas card.
They have the sweetest (and somewhat slobbery) little family made up of the two of them along with Jericho (the lab), Tarka (the darling white-faced retriever), and Maddy (the other darling retriever). 


hey aster photography said...

I love that last photo!! :) I think your blog is fresh and fun. Looks like you are on the west coast. What part are you in?

Cathi said...

WOW!!! how many photos did you have to take to capture so many awesome expressions, moments, stances and affection between owners and pets, pets and pets, man and wife, best friends....etc etc. Wow. perfect.??

Mrs. Ramos said...

Thank you Sarah for the beautiful photos. We love them!

Sarah Kathleen said...

@Hey Aster Photography - thank you so much! You are so sweet :) I am indeed on the west coast? The Central Coast to be exact... in San Luis Obispo!