Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sisters :)

Allow me to present Katalina, Gabriella, and Gizella. Three sisters with more love and laughter than I ever thought could exist. 

The redheaded beauty is Gizella, one of my many mom-teachers from middle and high school. She taught me everything from CPR to ettiquette to stop-drop-&roll to the Richter Scale. She's definitely in my top 3 favorite teachers of all time, so I was so excited when she asked me to snap some photos of their little trio. This was their 1st annual Sistas get-together, with many more splendid years to go. 

Enjoy :)


bethanyann said...

I love these SO MUCH! Love love love.

nicoleb said...

What a fun day for such sweet sisters! I love the funny faces!