Monday, April 25, 2011

Bruce + Erin [Arroyo Grande, CA]

I could not be blessed with a more perfect wedding to kick off this year's wedding season. 
If you can't tell from the photos, Bruce and Erin are over the top, beside themselves, CRAZY in love with each other. I will never be able to accurately describe how adorable, beautiful, precious and PERFECT this whole day was. It was filled with laughter, ear-to-ear smiles, dancing, and lots of wine (I knew I liked them for a reason!). 

Here's to 2011!
It's going to be a good year. 

Oh, and you can see their engagement/family photos HERE.

This next photo is of Erin seeing her son, Tanner, in his tux for the first time :)

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Remnant Photography said...

Love as always! Wish I could get married again just to have you take more pictures ;-p