Sunday, May 30, 2010

Elijah James

In a few years, the words "Auntie Sarah" will be coming out of this little man's lips. And it will probably make my heart flutter and sing at the top of its lungs :)

Elijah James - Born May 28th at 5:57 pm - 8 pounds 15 oz. - 21" long

^ Uncle Josiah
^ Daddy Shiloh
^ The "Thinking Face"


tbeez88 said...

wow Shiloh is a DAD!! congrats and what a beautiful Baby boy!! best wishes!!

Emily Pruitt said...

SO CUTE!! Congrats Leader family! What a lovely new addition!

Jenifer said...

beautiful pics sarah, although you did have great objects to photograph!!!! and yes he is soooo cute!! I wish I was there to givehim an auntie cuddle!!! :(