Friday, September 18, 2009

Dane + Michelle [Los Gatos, CA]

I first met Michelle in a musty "common room" at a YWAM base in Northern Ireland. Who knew that almost EXACTLY 3 years later, she would be marrying her soul mate... let alone that I would be capturing that day. And boy what a day it was :)

Let me tell you this: I see a LOT of dance parties in this business.... but it's been said that I haven't seen one as awesome as my own wedding. HOWEVER - Michelle and Dane gave my wedding a run for its money. That is fer sherrrrrrrr. The end. <3


Travis said...
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Travis said...

AWESOME! Fantastic photos. I'm still blown away by the way you capture romance with the fisheye! Very unique!

-- One of the Groomsmen :)

Anonymous said...

they are sooo beautiful!! i so wishi i could have been there!!!