Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nathaniel + Marta [Czestochowa, Poland]

where to start. hmmm.
I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Poland to shoot a wedding. And this wasn't just any wedding. Not only was it the wedding of my cousin and his beautiful bride, but it was a POLISH wedding. Now, I don't know how many of you know what a Polish wedding is... but I will tell you there is a lot of vodka and dancing involved. Oh yeah, and did I mention it lasted from 4pm Saturday afternoon till 6am Sunday morning? yeah - the Polish don't mess around.

As frustrated as I am with how blogspot desaturates my uploaded images, because the color and tones in these pictures are divine....... I hope you enjoy them nonetheless :)

P.S. I don't know if you've noticed, but Marta is pretty much a supermodel. And Nate's pretty handsome as well.... I guess. (love you guys :) They were the most "up for anything" bride and groom I've had the joy to shoot, so they made my job easy and a totally blast.

as I said.... LOTS of vodka involved. there was more than one bottle of vodka PER person at the wedding. and before we left Poland, Marta's sweetheart mother gave everyone a bottle to take home with them. :) yesssssssss.

oh it's love.

this one's for you, Jenna. I know you'll be so stoked I put it on here :) love youuuuu


Jenna Marie said...

AMAZINGGGGGG. thats all im gonna say..and i love you. :)

Kelsey Rae said...

What the heck Jenna Maria... I was going to type AMAZINGGGG! (I swear) I cause cousin think a like. I have two very beautiful and talented girls in my family.... Love you!

Kelsey Rae said...
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