Friday, June 5, 2009

Ryan + Brianna [Wedding. Riverside, CA]

When I blog a wedding, I like to pick out 10-15 of my favorite from the day.
When I blogged THIS wedding, I absentmindedly picked out 55. And then had to try to cut it down.... and kinda sorta cut that number in half.... but couldn't cut it any more.

This wedding was THAT amazing.

I tried with every artistic cell in me (and there are indeed a large amount) to capture the essence of Ryan and Bri.... but their love for each other goes so BEYOND what any camera could capture.... I'm sure I fell short. But I'm also sure that I captured at least a glimpse of it.


anicia said...

Fun! Nice work.

Briony said...

beautiful! i love the one of the bride peeking through the window :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have no idea how badly I wish you'd been doing this when I got married.- Bethany S.

Fancy's Event Services said...

Sarah you ROCK! Thanks for being so Awesome at what you do.

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