Monday, June 30, 2008

mr. and mrs. hughes :)

So... my beautiful cousin Kelsey got married on Saturday :)
I was on Maid of Honor duty for the entirety of the wedding, so I didn't get to take NEARLY as many pictures as I would have liked... but I survived. In other bad news, my beloved camera stopped working the day before the wedding... so it was up to my tiny point-n-shoot along with my old Rebel to capture the some moments of the day. L to the AME. Lame.

Despite all the frustrations and moments I just wanted to run off and cry... the day was perfect. It was truly her dream wedding. She was the most beautiful bride I'd ever seen. And the whole thing made me THAT much more anxious for my big day in 18 days and counting ;)

and of course i had to slide my stud muffin fiance in here somewhere...


Anonymous said...

awwww so beautiful...... im so happy right now :)

laurwilk said...

Beautiful pictures! I studied with Kelsey in Australia. I was so disappointed that I was unable to attend the wedding and am so happy to see these pictures!

Wonderful work!