Wednesday, March 5, 2008


we work well as friends.


Vicki Fourie said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! Such talent.
I'm also an artist, but in a different way...I'm an artist with words! I've done some photographing sometimes. I love it!
I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a comment on my blog:

I also want to publish my photos on the blog, but mine has been disabled in some way (!!!!) Can't get the photos to download - at all! That's really too bad.


Anonymous said...

a. babe!
b. my old neighbor/friend painted that tunnel.
-the end
p.s. this is anna

BETWEEN YOU & ME said...

Hey there I really love your photos, amazing, i have just started a blog with little art projects, check it out if you have the time...

all the best :) BY&M

Duke said...

I like your extraodinary imagination.You take advantage of the reflacted lights covered on the faces of persons.
Hopelly you can take a lot of nice photos.
p.s I will tell you my photo blog I will have soon
This is Duke